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Three Things That Make Your Website Look Cheap and How to Avoid Them

Every business today has a web presence. How well you rank in this category can determine how well you connect with your audience, how you are engaging potential customers and how you can increase traffic.


Understanding the importance of web design is just the beginning. There are three main things to avoid while designing your website. All of these factors can either increase or decrease your profits,. Let’s overhaul your website to create a sleek, modern and inviting site that encourages the flow of customers to it.

Reducing Clutter & Increasing Website Performance

Clutter is the number one thing that can turn a potential client off. Speed is very important. Not only will clutter make your website load slower but this makes it more difficult to be mobile friendly.


Minimalist design is in, this helps your website to be responsive and user friendly. Facet Web Tech can help utilize software solutions to capture your audience and make them want to stick around.

Ensuring Intuitive Navigation

Bad navigation can distract a user. Intuitive navigation is needed and should be stationary on top of every page of your web design. The key to a great website is organization.


Your website should be logical and lead customers to the items they need. No one wants to be scrolling around confused trying to find the home tab. Create a positive user experience by turning your bad navigation around.

Avoiding Stock Photos on Your Website

Stock photos are sometimes necessary but most times not. For your web design you want to showcase your unique business and help customers understand who you are and what you do.

Stock photos can create a negative looking website that makes users think you’re letting in spam ads, which then makes your website look unsafe to use.


Go with professional photos, they may cost a little more; but in the end keeping users engaged is priceless. Update your web design today, if you’re in the Peoria, IL area contact Facet Web Tech.

Our web design professionals can help turn your old outdated website into a showstopper. There’s nothing more important than keeping customers on your site. Help them stay there by using all of these tips and creating a web design that truly speaks for itself.

Why Cybersecurity Is Becoming the Most Important Part of Your Website

More than 3 billion people are now using the internet. That can seem like a overwhelming number if your website isn’t protected with at least some form of cybersecurity. Hackers all over the world are doing everything they can to threaten your websites security.


These cons and schemes can take valuable leads and potential customers away leaving you with viruses and malware; the things you don’t want. Read below to understand how important it is to have some type of cybersecurity. When you are aware of the risks, it may be much easier to protect your website from potential hackers.

Making Cybersecurity a Top Priority

Most technology is vulnerable and can be hacked. A recent report shows that 70% of devices did not encrypt communications and found that loT cybersecurity and privacy are and should be a top concern for people and companies.


There are more forms of hacking than you might think, all with different intentions. Cyber criminals, hacktivists, cyber terrorists and nation states can all target individuals, companies and even governments. No one is safe from a cyber attack.


Cyber criminals attack systems and steal people’s information for profit while hacktivists are politically or socially motivated. Cyber terrorists are not that common but it’s important to make it stay that way. As for nation states, these hackers are launching cyber attacks against other countries, robbing them of billions of dollars in losses every year.

How You Can Protect Your Website From Cyber Attacks

Now that you have a basic understand of why cybersecurity is needed and how vital it is, here are some things you can do to protect yourself from it. Facet Web Tech near the Peoria, IL area offers full-service cleanups and repairs for hacked websites. We are pros at eliminating common malware and other threats regardless of what kind of website you have. Don’t wait for a threat to occur. You can schedule a consultation for website security that tests the strength of your websites safety features.


Facet Web Tech can asses weaknesses and find the best security solutions to fix them, preventing hackers from stealing all of the hard work you’ve put into your website. By using the latest PEN tests to evaluate your security, they can stop attacks before any problems arise. Facet can make you feel safe and secure again.

Why Professional Web Design Services Offer Better Results Than Drag-and-Drop Sites

Everywhere you look, there’s AI-created website designs and stock photography that’s overused. If you’ve ever looked at a web page design and swore you’ve seen that very same photo or design somewhere else, that’s because you have. Proper design has one trademark: uniqueness. There’s only one way to define your brand’s online presence.


Creating a Memorable Look


There are countless images and designs that give viewers an immediate answer as to what they’re looking at. Then, there’s the “other guys,” the ones who all blend in when they need to be sticking out. Defining which side of the line you’re on comes down to making decisions. Drag-and-drop sites have become common, with major website hosts/builders boasting millions of sites, yet only sporting a hundred (or less) templates. It takes away all traits of individually, which isn’t going to make your brand or name memorable.


The Candy Wrapper Effect


Having excellent web dev to back you is critical. There are little bits and pieces of marketing in every aspect of your website, and it exists at the core of the message you’re trying to convey. Nobody makes a great-looking site just for the sake of doing it - you’re expecting to captivate customers, and actually give views something remarkable to look at that defines your brand.


Think of a candy wrapper, then think of the candy on the inside. One exists to promote and build the image for the candy, while the candy itself is satisfying and exactly what you wanted. Your service and products are unique and exactly what your customers need, but they’re not seeing it first-hand. Drag-and-drop sites are the generic, store-brand labeling of the world. It’s got a faded shine, and it’s overlooked more often than not.


Web Dev Plays into Site Performance


For SEO and general user interface, a speedy website is a good website. With most drag-and-drop sites, there’s lavish over-complicated coding and heavy components that weigh down your site speed. Users are far less likely to stay on your site if it’s slow, pointing them in the direction of your competitors.


Superior Web Dev in Peoria, IL


As your local Peoria, IL website development experts, we’ve been crafting killer designs and making the most functional, responsive websites based on the current market needs. You need a beautiful design to be maintained by a team of experts - you need Facet Web Tech, and we’re only a click away.

Four Reasons Speed Matters for Your Web Design

Website speed: nobody likes visiting a slow website. We’re going to cover a few key points that can’t be stressed enough - your website speed is critical. Here’s why:


SEO Tactics


In short, a slow website will actually damage your SEO strategy, and can even lower your domain authority. People will remember when they click on a search result link, and had to wait while the page took ages to load. A slow site can be scarring for your specific audience, turning away visitors/customers that you may have otherwise captivated.


User Friendly Interface


Website speed plays into your overall design. A good design is going to be user-friendly for navigation and the like, but it’s also going to provide your visitors with a website that they’ll love scrolling through. We’re in an age where we gather information very quickly, and as such, as need to be able to provide that information to potential viewers/readers as quickly as possible.


Saving Money on PPC Ads


Most businesses use PPC advertising, which takes a while to fine-tweak and optimize to save money, and increase customer click-thru rates. The mindset of a user who’s just come through a PPC ad is, “They paid money to get in front of me; let’s see what they have to offer.” Great - you’ve reeled them in, and now, your amazing website design and copy are going to really wow them. Problem is, it doesn’t load quickly enough, and quickly frustrates the viewer. They back out, and you’ve lost money on advertising (and lost a potential client in the process).


Responsive Users


For the first time in history, mobile internet use has superseded stationary internet use. We’re at a fine line just over the 50-50 mark, making responsive websites all the more important. Site speed is a far more critical attribute that mobile users are looking for. They’ll quickly back out of a page that’s taking too long to load, and head on to the next. Making your site superiorly speedy on all platforms is vital.


Website Design Experts in Peoria, IL


From building to optimizing, maintaining to recreating, we’re the the team that gets it done right, and aims for your brand’s success through powerful website design and development. We’re just a click away - come find out why we’re the only website development company that Peoria, IL businesses trust to get the job done.

How to Improve Your Website's Lead Generation

We’re all after more clientele, a wider revenue stream, and the chance to create lifelong clients and customers with brand loyalty. You haven’t build an entire online presence for the fun of it - it’s an investment, and you expect to see leads. Here’s what you can do to insure greater success.


It’s All About Presentation


There are two key elements that play into follow-throughs. You’ve paid money for a PPC advertisement to bring visitors directly in front of your brand’s identity. Now, they’re expecting a show. Proper website design and quick, killer copy are two sides of the same coin that are going to reel in your conversions, and turn them into leads. Crisp, lightweight design matched with decisive, meaningful copy - you’ve presented them with every reason to become your next clients.


Provide Clarity


Nobody wants the runaround when they’re looking for one specific service or product. At best, assume every single visitor has spent 3-4 hours in search of what you offer. They’re eager; give them what they want by providing a clear and concise statement, wrapped-up in design that compliments your industry, and brands your business.


Target the Right Keywords


If only it were that simple, right? PPC advertisements are there to bring in a higher chance of actually receiving a lead, and the chances that you’ll target the right audience all come down to your keywords. While it must be one of the most basic elements to your lead generation, it’s as critical as they come.


Dedicated Lead Capture Page


Having a designated lead capture page is as “pushy” as you can get without impeding upon the viewer’s patience. Lead capture pages are the essence of your design, copywriting bilities, and the ultimate call-to-action, all in one place. Driving directly from a PPC ad to a lead capture page can dramatically increase your chances of building email newsletters, retaining viewership, reducing bounce rates, and ultimately, capturing leads.


Web Dev in Peoria, IL


As your local Peoria, IL web dev company, we’ve been flipping websites and increasing brand visibility for years, boiling down to more leads, and a larger revenue stream. It only takes a click to see why Peoria, IL and international clients trust us with their website development above all else.

Ecommerce Site Design Has to Compete With the Big Names: Here's How to Stand Out

In case you haven’t noticed, ecommerce dominates billions of dollars per year, and it’s not a very widespread market. When you look at the ecommerce giants, such as Amazon (46% of all ecommerce sales), Walmart and Apple, they all have one thing in common: they’re attractive to visitors.


How to Compete With the Ecommerce Giants


Let’s face facts - there may never be another Amazon.com, but every spot from second place downward is up for grabs if you’re good enough. With billions of dollars in sales every year and new solutions, people are ecstatic to shop online and love receiving packages. So, what’s the main way to outclass other ecommerce sites?


It all comes down to design. If your mechanisms for pricing, shipping, and user-friendly, SSL-encrypted payment options are all set into motion, you’re doing great. However, nobody can shop your store if they can’t see it.


Navigation Is the Word


If your products don’t appear in an easy-to-load, simplistic fashion, then you’re going to fall short of competitor brands. Visitors want quick information, particularly when they’re conducting research for a particular product, and wish to compare features. With ecommerce sites, you have more to think of than just standard web pages and blog post interlinking. Everything has to be connected in some way or another. Navigation through privacy policies, warranty information, carts and other features are all crucial things that users need to be able to access with ease.


How Does Design Really Help?


With your business, products, and BOS in place, you need a website that’s going to be constant PR for your brand. Every page of your website is an opportunity to reel in your customers, and show them why your ecommerce site is the ultimate solution for their shopping needs. Bad navigation and design will steer them away.


Ecommerce Website Design in Peoria, IL


Launching or revamping your ecommerce brand? Don’t go it alone. When you’re competing with the giants, there’s a lot that you need to consider, and not enough time to get it done. That’s where we come in with cutting-edge solutions and website design that’s exactly what your customers want to see. Contact us today to learn how you can take your ecommerce brand into an entirely new direction.

Six Ways to Know If Your Website Design Is Optimized for Visitors

It’s easy to assume that your website is performing optimally when you’re looking through from the other side. Truth is, your visitors may be encountering problems that aren’t so apparent to you. These are the top six ways to know if your website development has paid off, or if visitors are stumbling around in the dark.


1. Is Your Navigation Simple?


There’s nothing wrong with a simplistic approach to complex solutions. If your users can’t properly navigate your site via the built-in nav bar or drop-down menu, then there’s nothing stopping them from heading to a competitor site for the same information, and becoming a loyal viewer to their company instead of yours.


2. Is Your Website Responsive?


For the first time in the history of the internet, mobile usage has outranked stationary use. Essentially, laptops and home PCs are falling short of smartphones and tablets. Users enjoy being able to hold the world in their hands, and if your website doesn’t respond to their mobile browser, screen size and specifications, you’re losing out on more than half of the global market of visitors.


3. Are You Utilizing On-Page Advertisements?


This one is a slippery slope. If you’re trying to monetize your website, you could actually be hurting your viewership. People don’t mind small banner ads, but jutting advertisements or autoplay videos in the middle of your content (such as between two paragraphs) is a surefire way to not only kill your viewership, but lower your site speed (which is crucial for SEO and load times).


4. Is Your Content Simple?


Nobody wants to dodge a dozen different windows, between on-site pop-ups and refusing chat bot help. Make your content simple to reduce bounce rates, increase view times, and makes your website’s content easy to read by Google.


5. Is Your Contact Information Easy to Find?


If you’ve ever gotten excited about a brand or their services, but haven’t been able to find their contact page, you’re not alone. Businesses constantly lose out by not making their information readily available to their visitors.


6. Do You Have Integrated Site-Search?


As your website grows, content blooms alongside it. If you don’t have a way for your visitors to easily search for keywords and tags for related content, they’re very likely to just hop back to Google’s search results, and find another resource.


Website Development in Peoria, IL


Contact us today to transform your website into a functional, SEO-equipped and user-friendly experience for your visitors. In the digital age, your website is a direct reflection of your business, professionalism, and value - don’t leave it up to chance. Go with the top website development agency in Peoria, IL and reap the rewards sooner than you ever could have imagined. It takes a call, or a click, and you can revitalize your website today.

Website Design Needs Clear Navigation: Here's Why

We all understand that having excellent web design is crucial to your brand and overall website structure, but there’s an underlying aspect that requires balance. There’s such a thing as over-designing your site, and not truly focusing on the fundamentals of your website development.


Your Visitors Will Steer Away From a Lack of Navigation


Between site speed, individual page loading, design and navigation, there’s a great deal of balance that needs to be achieved to hold your visitors attentions. An expertly-designed website is critical for establishing your brand, but it won’t do you any good if your visitors can’t properly navigate it. They’re much more likely to leave, and head to the next result in their search.


Improper Navigation KIlls Your SEO Efforts


Apart from ever-changing ranking factors from Google, the last thing you want to do is pay for PPC advertisements, only to have your visitors leave, and your bounce rate increase. Navigation helps with your SEO efforts by allowing your visitors to jump from content to content with ease. We’ve all gotten lost on websites before - it’s exactly what you want your visitors to be doing, but you can’t expect them to have patience with a hard-to-navigate site. Increased visitor duration leads to increased average time spent on your page, which can funnel into more newsletter subscribers, ecommerce customers, and avid readers of your content.


Give the People What They Want


Visitors don’t want to stumble around on a website for ages, all while trying to get a single answer to their question. The public wants quick navigation and more to-the-point content. Balancing quality design and navigation doesn’t have to be a chore when you go with professional services to streamline and expedite the process for you. Every day that poor design and useless navigation exists on your site, you’re losing to competitors.


Quality Website Development in Peoria, IL


If you’re located in Peoria, IL and in need of website development, from design to function and everything in between, contact us today to get started on redesigning your website. Your business’ best efforts are showcased on your website - make it count with professional, simple to navigate design.

Small Business and Responsive Web Design: Why It’s Needed

There’s web design, then there’s responsive design—the ability to adapt to the device and browser that the viewer is using. In the ever-changing digital landscape, we’re seeing the tides turn on mobile internet use overtaking PC or laptop internet use, which begs the question—is your site properly responsive and optimized for mobile?

Keeping Up With The Billionaires

Website development isn’t just about being responsive, though—you have to keep up on trends within your industry. Fortune 500 companies simply throw money into design, and their experts take care of everything. They pay for what they believe the best to be, and they get a good end result out of it.

If you’re asking yourself, “How can I compete with that?” you’re not alone. Countless others wonder why they can do to replicate the effects of major corporations’ website development. Make it attractive to the eye, make it responsive on every device, and make it your own—you don’t need to replicate success, you need to strike out on your own path.

Keeping Customers Enveloped

If you’re not keeping customers on the page, there’s an issue. A lot of customers make their decision about staying on a page within the first few seconds. It’s based on design, if there’s too much content to read, and more, but the biggest issue is having your website respond and load quickly. When it doesn’t load fast enough, users are just going to tap or click the back button, and head through Google’s directory.

If you don’t keep your customers enveloped, you won’t be able to drive on through to the reason that everyone is visiting your website—whether that’s increasing traffic, driving ad revenue, or funneling them into become a customer, you need to get the point across. You can’t do that when the page doesn’t even load. It also affects your SEO and makes you less visible in search engines.

The Digital Landscape Needs Small Businesses

There’s a unique opportunity to get a corner on whatever your market is, and it’s due to one key factor: people are getting sick of big businesses being in their face all the time. As a small business, you have the opportunity to get before eager eyes, and prove yourself with proper design. Feel like a big business, but operate like a small one. That’s a huge part of it.

Get the head start on your new, responsive design with Facet Web Design and get customers where they need to be—in front of your brand, reading your message, entranced by your fantastic display.

Are Chat Bots Good For Your Web Design?

The latest craze (that you’ve probably seen everywhere) are chat bots integrated into web dev all across the internet. Some say these are getting out of hand, others say that they’re the most helpful things about visiting certain websites. In truth, it really depends on your industry.

When Chatbots Rock

It’s a fine line, but it’s one you have to draw in the sand and determine if it’s right for your business or not. There are certain businesses that just can’t answer every single question. You put up an FAQ, you write countless blog posts, articles, but there are still those out there that find new questions about your brand. The world’s expanding, and ideas never stop—this is normal. That’s where a chatbot comes into play.

This is especially helpful if you offer a service as opposed to just a certain type of product. When you offer unique services, you have people wondering how well they can contour to their current business or needs. You’re not always around to answer rapid-fire emails from countless prospects, but you don’t want them to turn to your competitor either. Chatbots to the rescue, 24/7, even when you’re on vacation.

When Chatbots Kind of Stink

It’s a fine line for a reason—people don’t want to be bothered. If you’re selling singular products, or all of your content is laid out on the pages to answer the questions of impending visitors, you’re pretty much covered. People don’t want to be bothered by the popup of a chatbot when they’re looking through your catalog of inventory, or trying to pick out one specific thing.

If you’re utilizing an initial popup for newsletter signups or anything else, that’s showing your customers that you’re proactive about getting signups. However, when they click off of that, see a chatbot popup, they may start to feel like you’re pushing yourselves on them. If you’re already taking an approach with popups, then it’s recommended to avoid using chatbots.

Your Industry Is Particular, Your Designers Should Be Too

Nobody has your specific business model; you’re putting a twist on your industry, but your website design isn’t matching up to the standards you set. Chatbots, no chatbots; either way, you need to engage potential customers, and get reactions from them. You need to excite, and that’s where Facet Web Design comes into play.


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