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Why SSL Security Certificates Are a Must For Your Business In Today’s Age

Website design plays into a lot of things in today’s day and age: responsiveness per device, security, and staying away from the web vulnerability that scares us all just a bit. An SSL security certificate isn’t an option, really—not if you want to actually conduct business with anyone.

We are in an amazing time, but it’s also the most vulnerable time in terms of information sensitivity. It doesn’t take long for someone to get your information in their hands, which is why you need proper encryption.


Customers Look Out For It


Twenty years ago, we didn’t have half the security threats that we do nowadays. People have become extremely informed, and they know what to look for when they enter the proverbial gates of your webpage. Your SSL security certificate displays immediately in your visitors’ search engine atop their browser. They know, before your page even loads, if it’s a safe place to add in their sensitive information.


Credit Cards Are Everything Now


We don’t use cash. We don’t shop in-store nearly as much as we used to even a decade ago. More credit cards, more online transactions than ever before. It’s one of the key reasons that hackers target information like this because it’s being used so constantly that it makes activity difficult to track. With an SSL certificate, all of that information that you input on a website when you go to purchase a product becomes encrypted, and no longer falls subject to fraud.

If your site processes payment instead of solely using third-party vendors (think PayPal or Venom), then you’ll need an SSL certificate. In fact, even if you don’t use your own payment processing system, but you still sell products on your site, you should get an SSL certificate, and here’s why:

People are informed, but twice that number are misinformed. It’s the occupational hazard of subjecting ourselves to the information superhighway. Some people believe than an SSL certificate is used no matter what type of transaction is enacted on your website. Even if all your payments are through third-party gates, having an SSL certificate makes the ill-informed comfortable, and more likely to stay on your page.


Your Web Development Plays Into It


Your SSL is great, but if your customers can’t load your page fast enough, or they can’t navigate your site properly, it’s kind of a lost prospect. You have security, but nobody’s biting because they can’t get around, or move quickly enough. Facet Web Tech handles responsive designs, along with aesthetically pleasing layouts.


How Secure Are Mobile Websites?

We’re using more mobile internet than ever before, meaning we purchase, input sensitive information, and access our bank accounts all on mobile web apps and sites. It begs the question: How secure are these platforms? Let’s talk about that.


Website Security Relies on Many Factors


We would all like to imagine that our website host or service has the very best security in place for our site’s wellbeing. Your design needs to be bulletproof, data that you send or receive needs to be encrypted - it can be a headache to get started. Your website security is complex, but there are two main factors that you should have in place. They’ve become the prefix for any secure website, and unless you have these two (at the very least), Google could penalize your website.


1. SSL Security Certificate


You’ve seen these on desktop sites; the green security lock on the left side of the current URL you’re on. These should be part of your responsive design to apply to your mobile website, as well. When a user makes a purchase through your online store, they’re entrusting you with their credit card information and other critical data. Make sure your web host offers SSL, even if it’s an additional fee.




This is the flip side of the coin on SSL. HTTP send data without a secure connection, and in our day and age of information theft, that’s just not a viable option for websites. If one needs the other, then what’s the difference between HTTPS and SSL? In short, your SSL certificate is what changes your domain name into HTTPS, so your security is reliant upon it.


Does That Make My Mobile Website Secure?


Most of the work for your mobile website security is now complete. However, there’s one disadvantage to SSL that nobody really talks about; it constricts your bandwidth. This decreases load times, which has been proven to drive customers away. Encrypting that data between devices can be taxing on your website, so how do you get around that problem?


There is no way to speed up the SSL process, but you can speed up everything surrounding it. Good web design should load quickly, seamlessly transferring the viewer from one page to the other. The best way to get started with that is to get started with us and see what we can do for your mobile website today.

What The Mobile Future of the Internet Means For You

In 2017, we saw a shift in power: Mobile internet users and desktop/laptops users both represented half of the statistics. Mobile web use has been increasing over the years, and now it’s aiming to surpass standard desktop use.


Consumers Use Mobile Internet More Often


We’re all hooked on our smartphones these days. Most desktop internet use comes from those utilizing it for work or work-related tasks. You have decision-makers using their desktops more often, but that isn’t to say that they don’t also utilize their mobile internet.


Consumers - the ones who are looking at your products, your services - are usually on a phone or a tablet. They’re on-the-go or at a remote location, but what does this mean for you?


You have two sides of the same coin to appeal to. If your website development hasn’t included responsive design, you’re missing out on the future of the internet.


Responsive Website Development is Critical


Responsive design means that your webpage is going to contour to the user’s device. That means that a laptop, desktop, smart TV, cell phone and tablet should each be able to view the same information from your website. The difference is that you obviously can’t mash down a webpage into a digestible read unless your design is responsive.


The Internet is Everywhere


With the explosion of IoT devices over the years, we’re more connected than ever before. Users can simply ask their Google Assistant to search for a set of keywords and select a website to pop-up on their television. Is your website ready for that?


Users will have more access from multiple points. They’re spending more time connected to the internet, giving them more opportunities to find you. Without proper website development, your site could fall behind the times and be left in the dust.


So, How Will it Affect Your Business?


All roads lead back to your website. Potential customers will review a website before they devote themselves to the purchase; your marketing attempts will lead back to your website; namely, it’s immensely valuable that you ensure proper website development to upkeep with the growing internet usage of consumers.


As the trend of mobile internet use continues, so does the need for mobile websites and fully responsive design. That’s where we come in: Your web design is just as important as its content, so don’t hesitate. Your competitors aren’t wasting any time.

Landing Pages Are a Staple of the New Era of Web Design, And Here's Why

Marketing changes by the minute, but there are certain trends that pop up which show no indication of going away. Landing pages have become a crucial part of any marketing strategy, and here’s why:


They Combine Various Points of Marketing


Content marketing, product descriptions, technical information - they all come together in a marriage known as a landing page. It’s a culmination of one or more services, and a technical outlining of the components of those services. When you combine different marketing points, you make a hybrid approach to turn leads into conversions.


One of the biggest problems that businesses face is accruing conversions, but not turning those into leads. Landing pages (you should have more than one) turn into an immovable marketing representative that tells your audience what they want to hear, all without them investing too much of their time in reading a long piece that explains it.


They Incorporate Seamless Design


If you’re going to go all-out and hire a writer to learn your product and break it down into digestible, bite-sized pieces, you’ve done well. However, the essence of your business is wasted if it’s not properly presented. Web design is a crucial element to a functioning landing page. We make decisions based on what we can see, and if a business doesn’t have a dynamic landing page, it could very well bore customers, and turn them away.


The Home of Introductory Offers


If your business has certain deals to get new customers in the door, there’s no better place for those offers to live than the bottom of your landing page. When you reach the end of your expert explanation of your product or services, your viewer may be on the edge of their seat, ready to make a purchase. When they’re warmly greeted with an offer for a discount or additional services includes for free with their purchase, you’ve completed the lead funnel.


Marketing offers are fantastic, but most of the time, they’re placed in the wrong areas. This also gives you control over your offers, so you aren’t bugging an agency or your press release firm to remove an offer that’s no longer valid. You control your offer, and instead of using PPC ads for various pages of your site, you can minimize your spending: Turn them to that landing page, and they’re getting everything all at once.


If you’re ready to get started on your landing page, ensure that it has the very best design possible. Responsive, dynamic, and equipped to entice your viewers. We can help with that.

3 Secrets of Successful Small Businesses

computer software companiesStarting a business is difficult. You might have a great business idea, an excellent product, and even a team of hardworking employees, but it’s still extremely hard to get off the ground and actually start seeing some profit gain. 

Because the business market is so competitive in 2017, it’s important to not give up if you’re serious about succeeding and growing your company. Here are a few secrets of successful businesses that you should attempt to apply to your own business model in order to see success for your company. 

Pay attention to the market
Be sure to spend plenty of time researching your industry to find out as much as possible. Learn about the history of your industry, find out how the market is doing as a whole, and always be reading your trade magazines. Also, it’s essential that you pay attention to what your competitors are doing and find out exactly how they are doing it. Are they succeeding? Are they failing? That is important information, but it’s even more important that you determine why exactly they are failing or succeeding. 

Work with an experienced website and software development company
Without working with professional computer software companies and experienced web designers, your business will likely have a poor digital presence. If your web-based app isn’t functional, your users will become frustrated quickly. If your website isn't well-designed, it will be nearly impossible for you to acquire new customers and retain them. Online users form an opinion about a website within 50 milliseconds of the page loading, so you might want to make sure you’re focusing on professional website development. These experienced professionals can also help with website security, which is more important than ever nowadays. 

Don’t do everything yourself
Although you’ll be doing the majority of your company’s work, especially in its infancy, you still need help. Asking for assistance from your staff is an essential part of success. If you attempt to do everything on your own, you are going to burn yourself out and your business will likely suffer as a result. 

If your business is in need of assistance from computer software companies and web design professionals, contact Facet Web Tech today.

Web Based Applications: What They Are and Why They're Useful

software solutions companyIt's no secret that corporate America is becoming increasingly decentralized. In the matter of a few short decades, we have jettisoned the world of LAN lines for more agile cloud computing solutions. 

While all this progress gives businesses new and innovative ways to store their data and interact with their clientele, many companies struggle to keep up with the explosion of progress.

In this blog, we'll dive into one of the most vital and common new technologies in any software solutions company's arsenal: Web-Based Applications.


What is a Web-Based Application?

An application is software designed to address a specific goal. Databases, word processors, or music players are all types of common applications. For more specific goals, an application can be created by a software solutions company.

While many software companies build both mobile applications and web applications, web-based apps are specifically designed to work on a web browser. The other major kind of applications, mobile and desktop apps, are designed to be downloaded onto your device's hard drive and run from the device, rather than a web browser. 


Advantages of Web-Based Applications


  1. Greater Accessibility
    The primary advantage of a web-based application is that it can be easily accessed through your web browser. That means that users will have an easier time interacting with your application.

    That is valuable whether you are using your application on the back end, as a tool for your employees, or if you plan to use it to allow your customers to more easily interact with your business. Often, applications can be integrated with a business's website, such as a live customer support app. So long as these applications do not slow down or clutter your site, they can be a great way to enhance your customer experience.

    Remember, the design of your site is important, with 38% of visitors reporting they will not engage with an unattractive site and layout. A software solutions company can build you an interactive application that can keep your site's visitors satisfied.
  2. Better Integration
    One of the key advantages of having a software solution company build you a web-based application is that it is significantly easier to integrate and coordinate between different applications this way. If you need to pull information or data from one app to another, software designers can ensure these API calls always run smoothly, reducing the amount of time you spend inputting and double checking information.
  3. Increased Adaptability
    One of the best problems you will ever have with your application is too much traffic or use. This shows that your application is actually getting used, but the more pressure placed on your application, the more likely you are to experience glitches or other problems. A web-based app can more easily adjust to this problem, since you can add additional resources in one central location, rather than having to issue a major update to every user. Instead, a single call to your software company may be the only solution required.


Understanding what type of software is best for your business can be difficult. There are a number of computer software companies, all developing unique tools that may or may not be for you. Understanding the categories of tools and what they mean can help you narrow the field.

Why a Custom Website Is the Right Choice for Startup E-Commerce Sites

website securityIf you are a fledgling e-commerce startup, it can be tempting to purchase a turnkey style template website. After all, money is tight when you are starting out and you have to watch where you allocate your resources.

Unfortunately, failing to invest enough into your website could be the biggest mistake your new startup makes. In a recent study, 94% of people said that poor web design was a serious reason to mistrust or outright reject a website.

In this post, we will break down why custom website development is so important to your e-commerce or startup site.

  1. Credibility
    As we mentioned before, the visual layout of your website is incredibly important for consumers. In fact, it only takes 50 milliseconds for someone to form an opinion on your website. Offering bold visuals and unique features beyond what you can find on a template-based website is a great way to establish yourself as a serious digital presence.
  2. Navigation
    Few customers use the search bar when looking through your website. That is why it is so important that you have a website that is not only clearly laid out, but also has excellent mapping from one page to the next. With a turnkey service, you will be forced to attempt to do this mapping yourself, which can easily result in mistakes. With a professional website development team, you can trust that your site will be clear and easy to navigate.
  3. Mobile Compatibility
    We've discussed the importance of mobile optimization in the past, but it's important enough that we will revisit it now. As more and more people abandon traditional desktops and laptops for tablets and smartphones, your website will need to be able to adapt to a number of different environments. While template websites have some tools to help your site adapt, a custom website will allow you to offer the very best web experience no matter what platform it is being viewed on.
  4. Strong Security
    Many companies that offer professional website development offer specialize in website security solutions. Considering how important it is for an e-commerce site to protect the information of their buyers from hacker attacks, website security should be a top priority. 

    When comparing template sites and custom made ones, there is no doubt that custom sites offer the very best in website security software. That means that your consumers will be able to purchase from your site without concern.

In the digital age, your website is your storefront. If you want to retain customers, it must be well organized, engaging, and secure. 

For Your Website, Mobile Optimization Is a Must. Here's Why.

website developmentIn the digital age, you can't fool around with your website development. Long gone are the days when your site would be viewed only on one type of device or browser. Now, your site needs to provide the same high-quality experience whether it's viewed on a laptop with Google Chrome or a PC with Firefox. And you can't afford to forget other devices like tablets and smartphones. If you do, you'll be missing out on a lot of business and you could even end up hurting your search rankings. Let's take a closer look at why your professional website development needs to include mobile optimization.

  • Conversions: Firstly, customers are starting to abandon big devices like computers in favor of mobile gadgets. Many consumers rely solely on their smartphones to conduct internet searches. What's more, these people are ready to buy. Mobile shoppers want quick and easy results; they don't want to waste time navigating a desktop website on their device. In fact, one-third of customers will abandon a transaction if the site isn't mobile-optimized, according to statistics cited in the Huffington Post. But 62% of companies that have a site designed with mobile users in mind experience sales increases. If you want to make it easy for customers to spend money with you, mobile optimization is a no-brainer.
  • Experience: No one wants to deal with a website with difficult navigation, slow load speeds, tiny fonts, or a cluttered layout. Unfortunately, when many desktop sites are viewed on mobile devices, this is what happens. Technology has provided us with many wonderful things, but an increase in patience isn't typically one of them. Rather than struggling with your site, customers will backtrack and look elsewhere for services or products. Don't want your customers to head for the hills (or to your competitors' sites)? Make sure your site provides the same great experience no matter where it's being viewed.
  • Rankings: It might surprise you to learn that failing to optimize for mobile will have a poor effect on your search rankings. Your bounce rate (i.e., the time it takes for customers to click back to their search results) will be high and Google's crawling bots will probably find that your site isn't living up to others' in your industry. As a result, it'll be difficult to achieve the web ranking you want. You'll end up buried in page after page of results, which means it might be nearly impossible for potential customers to find you. When you have higher aspirations for your business, you need to do everything you can to ensure you aren't penalized by Google.

If you're struggling to convert leads into customers or aren't seeing the progress you'd like, it's possible that your lack of mobile optimization could play a part. From website security solutions to basic development, we're here to help. To find out why we're the finest firm for website development Illinois has to offer, contact Facet Web Tech today.

3 Common E-Commerce Web Development Mistakes (And How to Fix Them!)

software companiesThe world of e-commerce has grown exponentially in the last few years. In fact, according to Lemonstand, e-commerce was already a $1.6 trillion market by the end of 2015. That being said, there's no shortage of professional website development mistakes to be made in e-commerce. 

Do you know what those mistakes are? And more importantly, do you know how to fix them? Users will form an opinion of your page within 50 milliseconds of it loading, so you better have all your ducks in a row! If you're concerned about your e-commerce site, here are three of the most common web development mistakes and what you can do to solve them. 

The Problem: Long or Confusing Checkout Processes 
If there's one mistake many e-commerce sites make, it's how they organize their checkout process. For a customer to be satisfied, they should be able to hand over their credit card information and make their purchase as soon as possible. If they can't do that, all bets for a returning customer are off. 

The Solution?
The ideal checkout process involves as few steps as possible. A single page for customers to enter their shipping and billing information, followed by a confirmation page before finalizing the purchase is a great model to follow. Just making pages appear shorter gives the illusion of a shorter checkout process. 

The Problem: Requiring Account Creation with Every Order 
Unfortunately, requiring a customer to sign up for an account before making their purchase is just another step in the way of completing their order. If anything, it's going to discourage customers from completing their purchase. 

The Solution? 
There's an easy solution that most website development software companies will tell you for this issue: offer account creation as an option after the checkout process has been completed. It might sound overly simple, but the truth is customers are more likely to sign up for an account if they had a good checkout experience. 

The Problem: Poor Shopping Cart Design 
The only thing worse than a lengthy and complicated checkout process is a poorly designed shopping cart. If your cart doesn't allow users to easily customize their purchase, you've got a serious web development software issue on your hands. 

The Solution? 
An e-commerce cart should allow users to add items without leaving the page they're on. In addition, customers should be able to adjust the contents of their cart from the page they're currently visiting. This is something computer software companies can craft an excellent fix for! 

If you find your site making any of these errors, it might be a good idea to let web development software companies get involved. Not only can they craft creative solutions to your issues, they can help you create a better foundation for the future of your business.

5 Reasons You Need to Consider Outsourcing Web Development

software companyIn today's digital age, having a web presence is absolutely essential in creating a successful business. And what's more, having an attractive, efficient website is becoming more and more ingrained in a business's sales. In fact, according to Inspired Magazine, businesses have approximately 10 seconds to make a good first impression on users. 

You might be wondering how to do all of this work on your own. Fortunately, you don't have to. Outsourcing website development to a software company is an option for countless businesses, and it's one you should take advantage of. Here are just a few reasons why. 

  • Cost Effective
    Hiring and training an entire professional website design and development team is not only a daunting process, it's a pricey one. If your company doesn't have the resources necessary, outsourcing can help meet your web design needs on a budget.
  • Freeing Up Your Time
    If you're not worrying about web development, you can focus on actual business development. Stretching yourself too thin can have serious consequences for your company as a whole. But the more time you have to actually dedicate to your business as a whole, the more opportunities you'll create for success.
  • Experience
    Above all else, a professional web development and software company will be able to provide results based on experience. Unfortunately, experience is something members of your team might not have in that field. when you outsource, you're investing in quality experience.
  • Competitive Advantage
    In a world obsessed with the Internet, you need a competitive edge to your web development strategy. Hiring a professional website development and website security company can give you the edge you need to get ahead.
  • Security
    If you're looking for advanced website security solutions, look no further than a web development company. Outsourcing your work to these experienced professionals can create important opportunities to work on your online security.

Creating a good website simply isn't enough anymore to secure a following. If you want bigger, better results and a web presence that actually matters, it's time to consider outsourcing your web development needs. When you consider all of the advantages listed above, hiring a web development company seems like a no-brainer!

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