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Bot, Bot, Who Got the Bot?

A bot ("web robot") is a software application that runs automated tasks over the Internet. Most are harmless and useful; some are like viruses. If you're worried about getting infected — and you need to be — Facet Web Tech can inoculate you.


Cybersecurity is Vital
Just a half-century ago, smallpox infected 15 million people a year, killing around a third of them. Internet viruses don't take life, but they can ruin it. In 2018 alone, 50 million Facebook profiles were accessed by hackers; data on 57 million Uber customers was exposed and 2 million T-Mobile accounts (including payment data) were captured. It is impossible to accurately estimate the long-term economic impact on companies and individuals.


"I'm Too Small. I'm Not Worth It!"
Like hell you are!
Some hackers use malware ("malicious software") to steal, others use it to destroy — like a vandal might spray paint your walls or an arsonist might burn them down. There's a significant community of people who just want to break stuff and bigots who'll shut you down because they disagree with you. Some even claim altruistic motives; they hack to show where you are vulnerable — they'll break into your website as a public service! (Yeah, there are a lot of crazy people in the world!)
Your reputation as a business of integrity is one of the reasons your repeat customers are repeat customers — they trust you. A cyber breach can destroy that trust.


Web Security is Insurance
Don't fall victim to this 21st Century plague. You have insurance that protects you against accidents and more, get "insurance" against the criminals and the crazies. Don't wait for a breach to occur, contact Facet Web Tech’s cybersecurity experts. Let us assess the weaknesses of your website and find the best website security solutions to prevent hackers from entering your site and harming it.
If you've already been hit, the Facet clean-up team can get you back onto the web fast, restoring your page to its original state or improve it — we also have Peoria, Illinois', premier web development team, why not kill to birds with one stone?
As a final brick in your custom-built firewall, Facet Web Tech offers monitoring services for your system. Let us keep a constant overwatch for potential threats and attacks. Give yourself peace of mind and, even more important, assure your clients that their personal information is safe. Should an attack be launched, Facet will know it and defend against it, stopping the criminals and crazies dead in their tracks.

You can make your website more secure

In addition to hiring technical experts like Facet Web Tech for your cyber security needs, you can do a lot to reduce your own vulnerability. For example:


1. Have a Backup

It's the most important item on the list because no system is perfect. The bad guys win a few, so be ready. Have an off-site data storage plan. You may lose data but losing one day's worth is better than losing it all. Give access to the back-up server to as few people as possible.


2. Be Proactive

You didn't get where you are by sitting around waiting for good things to happen, don't sit around waiting for bad things to happen. Require individual usernames and passwords for every employee and train them in cyber security. Install and update antivirus and anti spyware software. Build the firewall. If an employee doesn't need access to your tech, lock them out. If an employee doesn't need access to specific hardware or data, lock them out. Secure your Wi-Fi. Change passwords regularly, at least every 90 days.


3. A Measured Paranoia is a Vital Survival Skill

Fortunately, in this scenario, "paranoia" is just common sense: Don't open emails from strangers. Don't click on attachments. Don't click thru links in emails. Pay attention to email addresses and URLs. If, for example, you get an email claiming to be from the IRS, but the return address is "somebodysname@irs.xyz", that didn't come from the US government.


And, Finally, Partner with Experts

There are two types of hackers, professionals and amateurs. Pros may not care about you because you're small. Of course, it's much harder for a pro to steal $1 million that to steal $10 thousand a hundred times; many pros go after small fish figuring they're easier to catch. Amateurs just hack to hurt; it's a game, and their reward is knowing they beat you.

Call Facet Web Tech – cybersecurity has been part of our program since before they even coined that word. Don't wait for an attack to come bashing at your cyber-door like the Big Bad Wolf, let us consult on your web security status. Our experts can detect vulnerabilities and install the latest patches and safety features to prevent attacks. We also offer monitoring services to watch over your website for potential threats and incursion attempts. Should the worst-case scenario arise, we have a full-service cleanup team that will repair your website and get you back on the web, fast. Do your due diligence and leave the rest to us.

Online Payment Processing is Vital to Your E-Commerce Success

With so many people buying so much online, merchant services companies have come up with numerous ways to pay, each with advantages and risks. Including as many payment options as reasonably possible means your customers can buy from you however they feel most comfortable.


Payment Options Keep Growing

For the old school among us, checks can be accepted using the American Clearing House (ACH), Western Union (well, who sends telegrams anymore?) or via a direct link from their bank's e-commerce website to your bank's e-commerce website.

Credit cards remain popular because people are comfortable using them, there are legal safeguards already in place and users can earn points through their card's rewards program. (These systems can use debit cards just as easily, but debit cards don't have the same protections as credit cards.) Many credit card services have a plug-n-play attachment for your smartphone that lets you take credit cards anywhere you have cell service.

Third party service providers — GoogleWallet, Paypal, PopMoney, Shopify, SquareOne and others — provide essentially the same service: You can send and receive money without the other party knowing any sensitive information. Fees, availability and reach vary; each service has advantages and disadvantages. Again, many companies contract with two or three services to be sure their potential customers have an option they are comfortable using.


The Internet Keeps Changing

At Facet Web Tech, our e-commerce experts craft your business' online sales system to give your customers all the options they need. We build custom-designed websites that are not only well-optimized to match your brand's image, they are SEO-friendly, mobile-ready and social-media conscious. Call us or drop by our Peoria, Illinois, offices. We'll do you proud with an e-commerce website solution custom-tailored to your business needs.


The Last Word: Cybersecurity

Identity thieves get a lot of press but the more mundane, old-school thief doesn't want your name, he's just happy to steal your money. Security breaches happen because there's a new crop of hackers born every day. Fortunately, it doesn't matter how clever an individual hacker might be, because the cybersecurity community, as a body, is a whole lot smarter and that community is dedicated to ruining every hacker's day.

Having "trust seals" (like VeriSign, PayPal, or SSL) on your website means you've done the legwork to ensure that your customers will make a secure online payment. We'll never achieve perfect security, but most people will never have to worry about it. (That's our job.)

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