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Why your Software Development Project is Going to Fail

The statistics about project management in general are (or should be) terrifying —

97% of organizations believe project management is critical to success, but:

80% of PM executives don't know how their projects align with the company strategy.

44% of PMs are not certified.

Less than 33% of all projects are completed on time and on budget.

Any business that wants custom software must choose a partner that has a track record of delivering as promised.


Why So Much Failure?

In the simplest form, any project comprises four parts: Concept, goal, process and validation.

Concept is the Vision: What, exactly, do you want this software to do? Who will use it? What resources can you expend to get what you want? Lots of questions need to be asked, very specific information needs answered and put in an organized format.

Goal is the Map: This is the delivery date. These are the skill sets we need. These are the benchmarks. These are the alternatives we may need. These are the obstacles we may face. This is required, that is desired, the other thing would be really nice to have. And, most important: This is the budget. (It's the reality check, it drives everything else.)

Process is the Work: Here's where project management makes it or breaks it. A good project manager is on top of things: Knowing the people and how to blend their skill sets and their personalities. Foreseeing problems and proactively dealing with them. Being involved — hands on — with what's happening on a daily basis. Keeping every stakeholder informed and getting feed back.

Validation is the Endgame: Riddle me this, Batman, "Does my software do what I paid you to make it do?" If you can prove that it does, and you made that happen on time and under budget, you deserve a bonus. (And Bruce Wayne could certainly afford a generous one.)


The Bottom Line

Tired clichés and bad jokes aside, it's about people — always. Facet Web Tech is a non-corporate, family-oriented culture. We focus on accuracy, capability and customer service. We support our client's tech needs for the long term. We value their dollars. We employ IT real professionals — experts in technology who understand our client's business needs. Contact Facet about your custom software development, let us make it work for you.

The Vital Stages of the Software Development Cycle

First, let's get one thing straight: Software is never done. Individual projects are completed, but business needs changes, the industry changes and available technologies change. So, let's look at the 6 vital steps that comprise the Facet Web Tech software development cycle:

1. Planning
It's cliché because it's true: "Failing to plan is planning to fail." Unless you know what you need, you have a snowball's chance in the Sahara of getting what you want. Once you've looked at all the factors that affect the software, look at those that affect the project: Deadline, budget, personnel, and other issues. Then you can create a road map that will get you from Point A to B.

2. Design
This is concept. You know what you need, how do you get there? Engineers sometimes talk "form follows function" and sometimes talk "function follows form". Is your new software to be used by all employees (must be seriously user-friendly) or just by technical experts (more productivity, less simplicity)?

3. Development
This is process. "I need my drafting tech to merge with my accounting tech to bid a job," says the architect. I need my billing tech to merge with my archiving tech, but I need my archiving tech available for consults and my billing to stay absolutely private," says the medical practice. This is where the rubber (analysis) hits the road (coding).

4. Testing
The "pilot program" or "beta use" isn't designed to determine if there are bugs — of course, there are bugs, we are human, we make mistakes. Or, at least, new eyes find a few things we could've done better. Testing doesn't produce perfect software; it produces the best software we can within the limits of our plan.

5. Implementation
"Do it to it!" Put that bad boy to work and see if he works up a sweat or just collapses in exhaustion. That is, are the end-users happy, more productive, & making you more profit?

6. Continuance
Once your custom software passes into general use, wait a while. As noted, your business changes over the years, as does your industry, as does IT in general. (Sometimes, with truly irritating speed and lack of notice!) When you contact Facet Web Tech, you're talking to a full-service information technology partner that can oversee your website, custom software development, online security and more. You're dealing with a small business like your own — local people (not some who-knows-where customer service center) and you deal with the Peoria, Illinois, IT experts. You couldn't be in better hands.

A Whole New CyberWorld

How many apps have you installed on your smartphone over the past couple of years? You probably started with games (from classics like chess to brand new stuff like Candy Crush). You then added shopping (from major retailers to local grocers or specialty shops). Certainly, you didn't forget banking, news, entertainment, tools — the list goes on and on. The "app" (short for "application") really has created a whole new cyber world, including becoming one of the best online marketing tools you can have.
If your business doesn't have an app, you're not alone. Across the USA, more than half the small businesses have not yet created custom software to support their business. It's an investment and, like all investments, not guaranteed to return a profit. If, however, your business can benefit from an app, it could be a huge return.


Is It Right for You?
Some businesses require a personal touch — no one is seeing cyber-barbers in their future — but even a barber can have an app to let customers book appointments whenever they decide they need a trim. Do what you do best (be it sell a product or provide a service) and let the tech-experts do what they do best. Facet Web Tech's software development team will do the research, draft the specifications and develop a complete turnkey application based on your business needs.
Once we determine how we can help you, you'll get a proposal that spells out all the details: Exactly what the app will do, how long it'll take to design and test, how often updates should be required, and the all-important bottom line — how much will it cost.
Once you see the big picture, you can make the decision to go forward knowing you've done the due diligence.


Whether your application project is a start-from-scratch development or an update of software you already purchased that's showing its age, it's critical that your app stands out from the crowd. So, partner with Peoria's software development experts. We'll guide you through the entire development process. Once your team has explained your ultimate app-destination, we'll draw the map, build the road and give you a lift in a brand-new custom-styled app-mobile! We'll even help expedite marketplace application submission and approval processes. Contact Facet Web Tech and let's start talking.
Remember the old "Rules for Real Estate Success"? They are "Location, location, location." We'll help you make every smartphone in the world a potential new location for you to make money.

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