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How a Good Website Design Can Increase your Conversions

We love what we do, that's why we're in business, right? Wrong!!! We're in business to make money. We have bills to pay and our business does that. If you have a website that isn't converting page views into sales, it isn't doing its job, so fire it and hire a new one. And let Facet Web Tech be your virtual headhunter, finding the best talent on the Internet.


"What Am I Doing Wrong?"

1. Using stock photos — it's your website, your product, your company, if you're not presenting your face to the world, well, what are you hiding?

2. Asking too many questions — how many "click here" buttons are on each page? Each button is a "call to action" (or CTA). CTAs draw visitors closer to the sale, so don't give them an option, push them gently toward the sale. Each page should have a simple message and one CTA. Each page should say "This is your problem, we are the solution, click here and we'll do it." (There are exceptions: For example, a lumber store homepage might include only the store's name, address, logo, a picture, and two buttons — "Contractors, click here" and "Homeowners, click here.")

3. Too much information (TMI) has been a problem forever. Back when America's founders debated the Constitution, a single speech might last two days! In the 21st Century, Internet users want it fast, straight and clear. (Notice that all our blog posts run just over 400 words.) Bullet points are great, you can list or rank the answers to the questions that brought visitors to your site without distracting/confusing clutter.

4. Poor organization — again, lead them to the sale. Never assume your visitor knows what they're doing, do it for them. Lead with a headline (in as few words as possible); add a subhead (one sentence at most); add the copy (TMI-free); excite with an image that stimulates a reaction (like, "Oh, that is cool!" or "Gotta' have me one!"); finish with a CTA ("Click here to order now.")


What am I Doing Right?

You're running your business. That's where your expertise lies. Creating a web design that turns visitors into customers is our business and, after 30 years (founded 1989, happy anniversary to us!) we're really good at it. We are the Central Illinois web development experts.

Contact Facet Web Tech — a creative, adaptive and highly professional team of specialists with decades of experience in the industry. We'll give your website a full examination; we'll keep the strong points and recreate it with more strong points: Search engine optimization. E-commerce. Lead capture pages. The works!


Important Rules for Effective Web Design

There are numerous sites that will help you create your own website, but not one that explains how to perform heart surgery on yourself. What does medicine know that IT hasn't figured out? Simply put: Leave professional work to the professionals. Web design isn't about what you like or want; it's about what makes you the most profit! Not coincidentally, the Facet Web Tech web design team is all about making your business more profitable. It is our dream; let us help you realize yours.

Color Counts
Research suggests customers find cool greens and blues more relaxing and warm reds or oranges more energizing. If I'm a home-décor business whose customers view their home as a refuge from the rat race, I'll color my palette cool and relaxing. If I'm a car customizer with a young, professional clientele, I'll color my palette hot and exciting.

This is a "sans-serif" font (simple).        This is a "serif" font (fancier).
This is a "bold" font (eye-catching).    This is a "condensed" font (space saving).
This is a fancy font (don't go there unless you're "Cuddles the Clown"). 
The font, like other factors, depends on the target market. Generally, women's tastes differ from men's; young people differ from seniors; and so on. Pick one main font and one secondary that works for your market and you're probably in good shape.

Have we gotten this concept at last? It's been around long enough — "Keep It Simple, Simon" means don't do everything all at once. The Internet-users' attention span gets shorter every year, it seems. Don't make them read War and Peace to figure out what you're up to. Clear, precise phrasing. Bullet lists. Consistent layout page to page. Simple visuals that make your point.

Don't Hire the Navigator from the Titanic
(Bonus concept: A little appropriate humor can make a very effective point.) We read from left to right and from top to bottom, so put your most important items (text or images) in the upper right corner. Have a navigation bar that extends across the top or down the right side. Random can seem cool, but it confuses people, which doesn't help your bottom line.

Not just connecting business with customer; connecting computer to tablet to phone. Your website needs to connect with customers across multiple platforms. A page designed for laptops (widescreen) may look pretty lame on a phone (tall screen). Inattention to such details means missed sales.

The First Rule
Contact Facet Web Tech, the Peoria, Illinois, IT experts. We understand your needs because we're a small, local business, just like you. Web design is what we do, so you don't have to.

Flex Your Website Muscles for Growth and Scale

At the dawn of the 21st Century, e-commerce was a "Huh, what'd you say?" phrase that only the very farsighted had even heard of.  Less than 20 years later, it's the standard way of selling almost everything. Even the most personal retailers — grocers, tailors, doctors — use e-commerce as part of their marketing plan.

You are now competing with businesses all over the world; you must have professional e-commerce web design to stay competitive. You need a partner like Facet Web Tech — big enough to provide all the web design tools, small enough to be affordable to anyone in the Central Illinois business community.


Affordable Small Business Web Design for Growth

Today, you may be small, 20 or 30 SKUs; in a few years, you may want to be at 500 or 1,000 or 20,000 SKUs.

Facet Web Tech has experience helping all types of businesses — building online storefronts; custom-tailoring e-commerce website services; meeting your needs and your market's needs and more. We'll create a core around which you can add inventory, locations or services without crashing your site or breaking the bank.

One thing technology has taught us, if we're paying attention — 8-tracks and cassette tapes are gone; CDs and DVDs may soon be replaced by downloads and flash drives. "Professional web design" means flexible web design, tools that serve your current operations with room for whatever you decide to do next year.


The Full Range of Web Design Tools

Web hosting, sales-driven product pages, search engine optimization, secure payment processing — we've done it so often for so many different clients that our work is tested and proven. We know what works. To meet your needs, we won't bake from scratch and hope the cookies don’t burn. Visit our website, see some of our clients and projects, see what professional web design looks like.

Sure, you can find cheap, online tools that'll get the job done, but wouldn't you be better served by a neighbor whose invested in our neighborhood, who cares about your success for more than just the money they make on you? And, seriously, do you want the job done or do you want it done right?


Facet Web Tech is the leading source for web design in Peoria, Illinois, and the surrounding area. For almost three decades, our non-corporate/family-oriented business culture has focused on accuracy, capability and top-tier customer service. We'll take the time to understand your business needs and we'll meet them, for today and all your tomorrows.

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